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Thursday, April 15


"Today is Tax Day" I sang in a jaunty rhumba, as a I chickenscraught* hefty jolly zero's on Lines 2, 3, 8, and especially 12 (jealous?). It was after I had signed with a flourish, and my bank account number had been triply checked for the direct deposit of my "shit that's a lot of cash"-sized refund that I remembered something I'd hitherto forgotten.

The IRS is my buddy.

That's right, the same taxman who reaches into your pocket every year and squeezes your testicle/ovary/nondescript and frankly worryingly ambiguous genital organ until it turns purple is someone I hold near and dear to me.

He is one of the best things about being a foreigner here - he's dependable (he visits me on the same day every year without fail), omnipowerful (who doesn't want a friend that strikes fear into the hearts of all men?), and doles out money whenever I see him. I love it. I feel very much like a tourist in Taxland, in that sure, they rip chunks out of my pathetic immigrant paycheck, but they make sure to politely give it all back when they're finished using it for, I dunno, bribing voting machine manufacturers.

Today is the day that I forget he's been squeezing my worryingly ambiguous genitals all year round with the rest of you, and rejoice at the coming of the refund I liken to my birthright.

It's a doomed relationship though - the IRS is a jealous lover, and once they find out about my immigration and Green Card shenanigans with the INS, their acronym will change its meaning to the 'Internal Raping of you Service'. I can't wait.

*It's more english-sounding than 'scratched'