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Friday, July 30

Good Vibrations

Dear Verizon

Can you hear me now? Good!

A word, if you please. Actually several hundred. You see, my litte phone thingy isn't quite up to snuff. Sure, it's got the nice color screen, the sleek, slim, silvery, thou-art-coveting-thy-neighbor's-wifey design. It has the polyphonic ringtones, the text-messaging, the nationwide coverage. It is almost complete.

There's a word. Almost.

For you see, I like to actually answer my calls when they come, yet be discreet about notification of said calls. I call your attention to the absolutely pathetic vibration function of my covetous-wifey phone. Verizon, you should be ashamed of yourselves - the lethargic vibing of this otherwise-perfect phone unit would barely get a small animal off. I doubt its subtle tremors would inspire even the slightest erection in a hamster, and the runt of the litter at that. Admittedly, animals' sexual response isn't quite the function for which it was intended, but for God's sake show a little ingenuity, this is the age of multi-function personal devices after all.

I want stronger vibration - I am unashamed. I want to be thrown out of my seat. I want an earthquake in my pocket. I want my vibration function so strong that fellow train passengers think that an angry wild boar is battling to escape my pants every time I recieve a call. This way, I would never miss another call. How am I supposed to be notified otherwise?

So please, big V (I know you like it when I call you that), gimme some good vibes before I resort to drastic methods. Like putting a wild boar in my pants. Think of the children!


An Englishman