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Monday, April 5

Born to Run

Boy meets boy. Boy likes blasting Springsteen at 3am, throwing parents' money, ego around, hollering; finds out other boy likes same. Boys hook up, incorporate anal penetration into Springsteen proceedings loudly and regularly over past three weeks. Wake Englishman up last night, yet again; Englishman pissed, calls cops.

Cops come, tell boys to shut fuck up. Also tell Boy he's been in jail before, this is last warning. Cops turn around to leave. Boy talks shit to cops, along lines of "I'm not turning down shit, pig", and "Do you know who I am?". Englishman, M, sit in bedroom, listen to rapidly escalating situation below floor.

Cops decide not to leave, to put shiny bracelets on boy, while other boy apologizes profusely to cops, and attempts to calm situation down. Boy doesn't want shiny bracelets, grabs liquor bottle, tries to cave in cops' skulls.

Loud thuds, crunches, tinkles as boy eats floor thanks to cops. More bangs. Boy manages to break free, barricades self in bedroom. Englishman and M get out of own bedroom, anticipating shots, crossfire, don't want to get hit by them coming through floor/boy's ceiling. Other boy tries to persuade boy to come out. Boy scuffles around, goes silent.

Cops get bored of being nice, draw guns, force door open. Boy has already jumped out of 2nd floor window, is nowhere to be found. Cops put other boy in shiny bracelets instead, take him 'Downtown'.

Englishman lies awake rest of night listening for boy's return, anticipates confrontation with boy in the next week or so. Morning, cops call, tell Englishman he may have to speak with District Attorney, testify at boy's trial. Englishman currently at work, zombie, lack of sleep.

How was your weekend?