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Monday, May 10

The Office and David Carradine

"Nothing kills a blog faster than full-time employment" ~ gapingvoid

With all due respect, Hugh, I'd like to completely and totally disagree with you. In my recent experience, nothing kills a blog faster than not being employed full-time, being surrounded by the white noise of a colleague on the phone, being surrounded by cornflower-blue cubicle walls. Nothing kills a blog faster than not posting the thoughts that ran through your mind at the latest inane department meeting, which run the gamut from wondering why your colleague's stomach keeps rumbling in such a disturbing manner at regular intervals, to seriously considering jumping on the conference table, pulling down your pants and proclaiming, arms flung wide, "I AM A FUCKING GENIUS".

I need the email from my superiors that manages to contradict itself three times without violently imploding, the colleague who cannot order plain white dividers without three conversations about it, and an email confirmation, I need the arbitrary allocation of the employee of the month award, based upon whom is most likely to sue the company this time around.

My mind absorbs these situations through osmosis, and free associates through a universe of topics, quotes and quips. Resulting in smart-alecky posts like this one.

Dissecting The Grind into little slimy giblets of comedy is my kung fu.

And it is strong.