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Thursday, February 26

Get away, you filthy urchin, lest my cane find your crap-smeared buttocks!

Part 2: Things I Don't Miss About England

- "What football team d'you support" - [insert instant stereotype of you here]
- "Did you watch the game last night?" - yes = see # 1, no = "Wot, are you a poof or summink?"
- The tabloids - why won't they stop hounding me?
- The teeth. Specifically, my teeth.
- My school cliques (yes, we had the whole "Popular slut dates sports team captain" thing too)
- Tim Henman - Average player + wanker + hot wife = unlimited domestic press coverage as "Britain's Great White Hope"
- 1 pound coins - fuckers are heavy!
- British Telecom's constant shuffling of the telephone area codes. Am I in the 0181 or 0171 area? What do you mean it's now 01207?
- The class system.
- Posh and Becks
- Weekly royal scandals
- Restraining my big fucking mouth