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An Englishman in New England

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Monday, February 23

Lazily, almost seductively, he slid the gleaming round into the chamber, and slapped the drum. It whizzed as it spun, and I started slightly as, with a neat flick of the wrist, he slammed it home, and raised the gun to a spot right between my eyes. Straining at the garden hose that bound my hands and feet, and painfully aware of the welts it had left across my back from the relentless beating I had just endured, I began to sweat even more than before.

"Where is it?", he asked.
"Ask them ", I replied, gesturing with my head over at the rest of them, "they seem to like birds way more than I do."

They stood there, lurking in the darkness just beyond the stark cone beaming down from the battered light fixture. It was swinging to and fro in the way that you see it do in hollywood movies. It was a nice touch.

"In that case, we're going to play a game", he said, using his cuff to wipe the powder from his nose. I could see that his pupils were now mere pinpricks surrounded on all sides by piercing blue. He cocked the hammer with a slow click.

At that point, I started to suspect I might not be at the altar on time.