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Tuesday, February 10

On-tying the knot

I lied, I can't be bothered to flesh out the bullet points from my last post. I think it would actually be far more entertaining to allow the myriad of possibilities involving those potent ingredients take shape in the form of your own comments. Hint hint.

A different topic is at the forefront of my temporal lobes today.

Those of you that don't know me in a personal (or even biblical) sense, may be surprised to know that I'm getting married to M, my fiancee. Next week. No, really, it's true.

It's also scary, nerve-wracking, exciting, and stressful, all lumped into one tidy package that folds out at any time - even when you don't want it to! At only $99.99, you can't say no!

And it's strange because as soon as you let it slip to people over here, they inevitably ask one, more, or all of the following questions:

- When are you getting married?
- When did you get engaged?
- Who are you marrying?
- How did you meet?
- Are your family coming?

They usually come in quick succession, without the pauses for breath considered requisite for the interaction to be classed as a 'conversation'. To be honest with you, I've stopped telling any more people that I'm getting married now, just because I'm tired of answering. It actually reminds me of when I first came to the U.S., and was constantly having to disclose that no, I didn't have a stroke that paralyzed my left side, it's my accent. Yes, I'm from England. Yes, I sound so funny. Yes, I have seen that Monty Python movie. Yes, I sound so funny. The experience is one of those tests of patience that for some reason I try to pass. I consider it a success if I come out it without having slugged someone for saying something stupid.

Thankfully, the one question that they (perhaps consciously) neglect to ask about my pending wedlock is "Can I come?". Which, if you're asking me at this point, will be answered with a pretty blunt "Nope".