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Monday, February 2

What a great weekend it was. M and I took in a bunch of movies, that (gasp!) she and I could both stand to watch, and although her opinions would most probably differ, I thoroughly enjoyed them.

First I caught 'American Wedding'. I haven't laughed so hard in a proposal scene since. . .well shit, ever. It was nice to close the book on some characters that I was introduced to in my freshman year of college, and see the trilogy come to its crowning moment - Stifler eating a turd.

Next up was 'Happy Accidents'. What a cool and quirky movie this was. Marisa Tomei is so great in this movie, portraying a female knight in shining armor who always seems to attract (and subsequently date) guys who have drug/emotional/fetish problems. Along comes Sam. Sam and Marisa hit it off. Sam confesses he's from hundreds of years in the future. Thoughtful and touching movie ensues.

Finally, I went and saw 'Along Came Polly' in the theatre. Now this was one I wasn't looking forward to - it had all the makings of a Jason-hated movie: Jennifer Aniston reprising her role as just about every generic girlfriend invented, *gag*, Ben Stiller as yet another doormat guy looking for a girl that will treat him right, *gag*, Deborah Messing, a woman so thin she must *gag* after every meal, lots of weasel jokes. . .well that last bit actually turned me on, but anyway. Exactly 90 minutes later, I walked out feeling good, and with several funny jokes to crack myself up with in the shower. Plus, Jen actually looked smoking hot in this movie. Go see it.