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Monday, March 8

One of the more interesting topics of conversation that came out of KFC and 40oz night: America and the push for global equality.

It went something like this. Most Americans, when asked, say they would like the world to come together, and exist in equality with each other. Drinman decided to relate to me a little story to put this in a little perspective.

His first college roommate when he arrived for Freshman year was money. And by that, I mean he was money - the dude was a Middle-Eastern prince, and had his picture printed on people's wages back home. He was constantly buying ridiculously expensive shit to fill up their tiny dorm room - Gucci this, Tommy that and Georgio whatever.

One night, Drinman and his opulent companion were talking about the future - what they hoped to get out of their respective stints in higher education, when Fahad (let's just call him that) nobly proclaimed that he would like to see all of his people living equal to him. D then explained to him that in order for that to happen, he would have to give away most of what he had. This explanation was met with a blank stare.

On the world stage, I think the West is Prince Fahad - hoping for everyone to climb up to meet them at the top, without realizing that this is not how the redistribution of income works.

If it's really equality that you want, you're going to have to meet the poor halfway down the ladder.