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Wednesday, March 17

The Running Man is not fiction - it was a prediction

Can you hear me down there? I know, this high horse is very tall isn't it? Well I can explain. They lulled me, you see. I thought reality TV couldn't shock me any more. I was wrong.

The Swan is coming.

'Ugly' women will undergo drastic plastic surgery while the slavering millions watch in sweaty anticipation - with each round of healing, they will be voted (or should I say cast) off, unfit for the judge's tastes, until the most brutally butchered but dramatically recovered woman is left to be crowned as - you guessed it - The Swan.

"I'm sorry Judy, even with the best plastic surgery money can buy, I think you're as ugly as Satan's turdhole - you should go home now and get back to washing dishes in the basement where noone's vision can ever be infected with the disease you call your face. Bye bye!"

How can these women put themselves through this? How can ethics and standards be dragged so low?

Can you imagine the kinds of things that are said in the boardrooms of Fox?

"So my new idea, it's this edgy new take on this reality thing that seems so cool - how about we take an ordinary member of the public, some schmoe, y'know, then have him wait around a corner, and then - get this - then, we pay him to kill a man!"

"Genius, Brent, you're gonna make VP of broadcasting with this one!"

You may feel free to retch with disgust at this show, the TV execs, society as a whole. I did. I'm coming down now - could you hold the ladder steady for me? The wind up here keeps making it sway most worryingly. . .