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Tuesday, April 20

Marathon Man

As the exhausted runners dragged their chapped asses across the finish line here in the 87 degree heat, I couldn't help but ruminate on the similarities of their physical trial to my mental one, which coincidentally started yesterday. No, my brain has never had diarrhoea on the go, nor have I ever had to put intellectual vaseline on my mental nipples. This is something different.

Officially, I've been out of work since yesterday, you see, but I'm neither incompetent, obsolete, nor lazy. Of the 'Willing and Able to Work' category, I lack the 'Able' part. Thanks to an abrupt law-change at the INS, I now exist in the shadow land between visa statuses. Regular readers will already know how my dealings with this particular branch of government typically proceed. The upshot of these shenanigans means that my ability to work has been amputated, yet I am allowed to stay while I wait for them to reattach it.

It's a very strange thing to be barred from being useful - especially when the verbiage that dictates such an unorthodox situation is contained in the Fair Labor Act, a document which I feel justified in thinking is not quite all it's cracked up to be.

Legally, I'm not allowed to even set foot in my employer's office building, so I sit here at home, and engage myself with such varied arty-crafty activities that Martha would be hissing with jealousy from her cage.

This is my marathon, and I'm in it for the long haul.