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Wednesday, May 26


Archaeology only tells us part of the story. No matter what great bone discovery or beard-stroking hypothesis is formulated in the belly of some great academic institution or other, some things are lost forever to the march of time.

Some, however, are impervious to the decay of time and manage to outlive their creators. The following is a list of things by which mankind shall be judged long after we've sterilized ourselves from the face of this planet:

- AOL 9.0 "2500 hours free" cds You've snapped, stomped, ignored, trashed, scratched, microwaved (fun, by the way), bitten, flung, stabbed and burned them. . .yet they persist. . .how many hours do they have to give away before you succumb to their siren song? Slowly, surely, AOL is clawing at your soul

- Tupperware Cramping, nausea, vomiting, headaches, bloody diarrhoea, and delirium, but dammit, 6 months on, the sandwich still looked fresh!

- EZ Cheez I swear the companies that make bright yellow raincoats had some of this stuff to spare, and an amoral monster in the boardroom looking for a quick buck on a new product. . .

- "All Your Base Are Belong To Us" Resistance, while maybe not futile, is at least more trouble than you'll probably be bothered to go to

- Laura Bush's smile Just take a look at any picture of her in public: the woman has simply had that expression etched into her skull, and some skin stretched taut over it. No more worrying about facial muscle coordination - ever!

- POG's Out there, somewhere, there are warehouses full to the rafters of them. There they wait, patiently, to claim dominion over the Earth we leave behind. . .